Become a member

  1. Download the Playcar Car Sharing app, create an account;
  2. Make sure you have a driver's license issued at least one year ago and ID on hand;
  3. Enter a payment method (debit or credit card);
  4. Wait for your documents to be approved (4h-48h);
  5. Login to the app, search on the map for the nearest vehicle suitable for your needs and book it.

How to use our vehicles

  • Free-Floating

    Designed for short point-to-point trips.

    You are not tied to a parking lot but only to a service area. Search for the vehicle closest to you on the map, unlock it via the app, and once you arrive at your destination (in the allowed areas, green or yellow that you find on the map), you can end your reservation in any public parking lot* (white non-resident or blue).

    Warning! Car Sharing parking lots in the city are NOT dedicated to this service. If you end your reservation in a yellow area you might pay an extra cost.

    The service is available in Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena.

    The rate is calculated per minute + unlock fee (1€).

    Example: 10 min / 5 km / from 4.00 euros

  • Round Trip

    Suitable for those who want a vehicle reserved from one hour to more days.

    You have to bring the vehicle back to the parking lot where you started your reservation. Book a vehicle by indicating start and end (you can also book in advance or check at the time if the vehicle is available), choose the vehicle from the parking lot most convenient for you, use it for the time you need it (from one hour to several days), and by the end of the reservation bring the vehicle back to the same parking lot from which you picked it up.

    The service is available in Cagliari, Quartu Sant'Elena and Livorno.

    The rate is hourly and is calculated on the basis of time and distance traveled (hourly cost + mileage cost).

    Example: 2 hours / 20 km / from 15 euros

  • Rental

    suitable for long-distance travel.

    Reserve a car for a day or more and return it to where you picked it up without paying the mileage (up to 150km/day over multiple days or unlimited mileage) and without fuel included.

    The rates for this service are variable and can be viewed on the App by clicking on the button at the bottom of the map and then on "Book in Rental mode"

    The service is available in Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena.

    Example: one day / 150 km / from 30 euros